Always Bet On Bad

Earthly Delights
Image by Hieronymus Bosch, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Spilling the secrets of how to win against human opponents.

I've got 21,298.4 hours at the time of writing in DOTA2, and that doesn't include all the time I've spent on DOTA, HoN and League of Legends.

I'm well versed in losing. I've always had the idea ingrained in my mind that I should never give up in a game. Some consider that masochism, I consider it the only way to live.

I'm not a good player, I win way more than I should. And it all comes down to the title of this article.

Always bet on bad -- Abraham Lincoln

Your goal in a given match is just to tilt less than your opponents. People want to win, but they don't play to win. If your enemy is ahead, they'll try to be flashy, experiment or just be confused.

This is the only constant in DOTA2. I suck, you suck, everybody sucks. People are so weak mentally that if you're losing you just have to find the person that's the most ahead in the opposing team, and beat that person into the ground. They'll start flaming their team, and soon everyone on that team will be playing bad.

Skill wins battles. Faith wins wars. Always bet on bad.